ovulation-painOvulation is something that most women endure for most of their lives. Although many are familiar with the normal ovulation pains, it is important to know when pain during ovulation may be triggered by something more serious. Normal ovulation pain normally feels like a twinge or slightly noticeable discomfort either in the pubic area or around the ovaries. Small pains, more like pressure than actual pain, are considered the normal pains of ovulation. However, when women experience throbbing or stabbing pains or have pains that are accompanied by high fevers or other conditions, it often signals a much more serious condition than merely ovulation.



When ovulation is accompanied by serious pain, it is referred to as Mittelschmerz, which is simply a German word for “middle pain”. Many women who report painful ovulation describe it as a nagging pain that simply will not subside. This pain often begins as a sharp pain and then slowly changes to a dull ache for several days. There are many women who have severe cases of Mittelschmerz who report pain so severe that is has been mistaken for appendicitis. Nausea and light menstrual spotting may accompany pain in women who have been diagnosed with Mittelschmerz. This condition normally lasts for only six to eight hours, although it has been reported to last up to two days in some women. The pain and discomfort is normally on the right side, although it can affect either side of the abdomen. The pain may increase with physical activity, intercourse or intense straining and lifting. Although this painful ovulation period can occur every ovulation cycle, it most normally only occurs every three to four ovulation periods. Because the pain of ovulation may trigger concerns of other illnesses such as endometriosis, women should consult their Gynecologists if they feel that their ovulation pain is a symptom of a more serious condition. Ovulation pain can sometimes be confused with appendicitis, so it is always a good idea to seek medical attention if the pain is a new experience, or is so severe as to inhibit normal daily activities. Normal ovulation pain is felt in millions of women. While something that is normal for some may not be normal for others, it is probable that every woman will experience some sort of slight pain or discomfort in the abdominal area during ovulation. The key lies in reporting any uncommon or sever pains right away in case they may be symptoms of a more severe illness.



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